12 Thoughts I Had Watching Stranger Things Season 4

Spoilers obviously. Because I’m too lazy to edit myself.

1. I like Eddie. But probably because he is straight ten under that Glam Metal wig. Haha hey Doja Cat ain’t wrong.

2. There are too many antagonists to keep track of. We got The Russians, Russian demogorgon, Russian demodogs, Russian peanut butter smuggler, Brennar, Sullivan, Brennar’s men, Sullivan’s men, Vecna, the serial killer from the 50s, the serial killer that turns out to be Henry that turns out to be 001 that turns out to be Vecna, Angelica, the entire skating rink for some reason, the other psychic kids at the lab, Jason, the basketball team, the angry hicks, bats, vines, vague mind flayer references, Will’s haircut.

3. The way the Duffer Bros does bullies is so weird to me. Remember in season one when the kid forced Mike to jump to his death or else he’d cut out Dustin’s teeth with a pocket knife (like holy sh*t what haha)

4. I don’t know who I want to complain more about, Jason or Sullivan… Alright Jason.

5. What the eff is this guy doing? I totally get being upset about your girlfriend’s murder but breaking into people’s houses with baseball bats, buying guns and tormenting little girls at the playground are not it bro. IMHO I think Jason should’ve just been a normal non-asshole kid who is trying to solve his girlfriend’s murder and gets caught up in the cult theory. It still could have culminated to the showdown with Lucas at the end and it would have been more intense stakes vs annoying af.

6. My favorite thing about Jason is how much of a better suspect he would have been over Eddie. He has connections to two of the victims. His attempts to pin things on Munson are SO over the top and violent. The police quite literally find him at the scene of the crime. And yet when he incites a riot of townspeople they’re like ‘This is fine.’ LOL Just reiterating, it would’ve been far more interesting to have him be a normal kid trying to clear his name instead of an irritating little 💩

7. Also the interpersonal conflict between protagonists is sooooo stale. Literally the only conflict is “You don’t romantically love me as much as I romantically love you.” It’s boooooring. I’m booooooored. Can’t they do two characters disagreeing on a plan? Or like some misunderstanding? Maybe Steve or Nancy really believes Eddie is bad news like idk please anything else.

8. Most of the original characters are so blah now. I find Will to be a tragically underused character. Here is someone who literally lived and survived in the Upside Down for months, was connected into the hive mind, and yet no one comes to him for advice or seems to care about him in general. In season one, they repeatedly talked about how he was the smartest of the kids, but in seasons three and four he spends all his screen time crying.

9. The Russian storyline is kinda stupid… but not as stupid as the season 3 Russian base under the mall. THE. MALL. “Wherre should we poot top secrret base?” “How about underrneath public place with hundreds of civilian fooot trraffic?” HAHAHA remember how they discovered it too? They heard the damn kiddie carousel in the background of the Russian transmission. Why would the carousel be audible in the transmission!?!? Was he riding it while he recorded it? THE MALL BASE PLOT IS SO STUPID.

10. Is it just me or did Robin’s personality completely invert?? Like last season she was a snarky genius who learned Russian in a day or whatever (lawls). But this season she’s been reduced to this ditzy “Oh noooooo but what if I trip!?!?!?” I mean idk maybe I don’t remember her in last season very well.

11. Wait WHAT!?!?!? What do you mean Jamie Campbell Bower did the Vecna voice with no alterations. What??? WHAT??? How is that range humanly possible? Here I’ll link a video you can see how talented he is. https://youtube.com/shorts/kbUnmdCHcX4?feature=share

12. R U serious? Those mother-duffers always kill off the best ones. Can’t wait to see Eddie come back as a vampire next season.

One thought on “12 Thoughts I Had Watching Stranger Things Season 4

  1. Valerie. You are such a fine writer! Amazing analysis. This show I’ve never gotten into, but Abby and Ben are all over it. Still I just wanted to read your thoughts because I love the way you write.

    I have a friend, Mary Beesley, you can find her online. She is the mother of five. She tries to write four hours everyday!!!! And does it while the kids are in school. Such dedication. But how many of us can spend that much time on our talent while mothers???

    It’s hard. But I really respect you the same way. Putting it out there. Your blog is fun. You ARE good!

    Thinking about you all and hope your expanding family is well.


    P.S. never give up.


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