Cover Reveal!

Here it is! Here is the amazing cover of my novella, debuting in the summer.

And here is the full artwork because you NEED to appreciate it with me!

And this is a blurb about the book…

There’s only one thing worse than pooping yourself on a date with the prettiest girl in your grade… finding out that your dad is making you spend your summer working at “Mike’s Hole”.

Painfully introverted Rob wants nothing more than to hibernate the entire summer alone in his room. His Dad, however, plans to drag him away from his computer at all costs and surprises him with a full time job. Now, Rob is stuck working at his uncle’s gross diner with a psycho manager who treats her employees like reality show contestants. Unable to quit under the micromanaging eye of his family, his summer is doomed forever.

… Until he meets the girl who turns everything upside down.

SEVENTEEN TRIPS AROUND THE SUN releases on Amazon this June the 1st!


Who is ready for another book?!?!?!?!

I’ve mentioned this before, but I write in two drastically different genres. Either quirky and awkward rom coms or Twilight Zone-esque thrillers.

(Maybe you remember this meme I made about it)

So I’ve made the professional decision (“professional” decision) to pursue a career as a hybrid author. Which means I will try my hand at both self and traditional publishing. I’ve always been open minded to this and it just made sense with the kind of work I was producing. My romantic comedies will come out on Amazon. And my thrillers I plan to send to literary agents in hopes of a publishing contract sometime in my lifetime.

So!! With that being said!

**On the 1st of June** I’m releasing a novella on Amazon. Available in both ebook or paperback. It’s a YA romantic comedy about a boy who gets a terrible summer job at a run down diner.

Next week I’ll be revealing more about the book as well as MY AMAZING COVER!!! So stay tuned!!