13 Thoughts I had watching Baby Shark in Space

1. Pinkfong looks so cute when he jumps at the popcorn haha I love foxes so much

2. Donut planet?? Sign me up

3. I’m sorry you’re telling me that Baby Shark can see a broken fragment of spaceship on a distant planet? That’s not super vision at that point, that’s God vision.

4. Did that Gorilla just slap his own ass? Lol

5. I love how the snakes clothes are just mismatched pairs of socks! Makes total sense tbh

6. A deer sees a lion and it’s love?? Girl that’s dangerous. You can’t fix him! You need to go to therapy for your daddy issues.

7. Gorilla-la-la is a jam tho haha

8. So Baby Shark just swims around through the air. I mean I’ve seen a lot of variations of shark movies over the years. Lake sharks, sand sharks, snow sharks. I’ve never seen air sharks. That’s pretty scary honestly

9. Halloween planet. I like that. This all gives me Kingdom Hearts vibes honestly

10. Is that kid dressed as a refrigerator for Halloween? Lololol

11. Why does the video game world have Santa on it? Like did they have to add Santa?

12. If Pinkfong has never been to Baby Sharks home before how did they even meet??? At an intergalactic cartoon convention?

13. This show is cute. I mean I’m pretty desensitized to any annoyance after viewing it 50,000 times.

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