Kids Say the Darndest Things (January)

JACK: We live on (our street name)
CASEY: No, we live in a house!

JACK: Ugh! I can’t reach the fan when I jump. … (quietly to himself) If I had webs I could reach it.

Casey was hangry and crying in the backseat.

DAN: Casey, look, do you want chicken and fries from Popeyes?

CASEY: *sniff* I don’t want Poopeyes.

JACK: Casey, we have 10 minutes left… 10… 9… 8

Dan and I were being dorks and talking to each other in an Italian accent.

CASEY: *scoffs* That’s not what Luigi says!

I was explaining to Jack about Valentines Day when suddenly he got so excited he exclaimed:

JACK: Mom, I’m so proud of you! You make the sky so happy!

Casey sitting in the laundry basket.

CASEY: Moooom push me! I don’t know how to drive this thing!

DAN: Your Mommy’s super cute. What’s her number?
JACK: 31

ME: Hey, baby, can you do me a special favor?
CASEY: Sure I’ll go make you a ice cream! *runs off to the play kitchen without even hearing what the favor was*

I was tucking Jack in for the night when he asked:

JACK: If you made it to 100 that would be a long time right?

ME: Yep. That would be pretty old.

JACK: Yeah, but if you made it to 167 you would break the loop. So that’s why you can’t.

ME: *laying awake in bed for hours staring wide-eyed at the ceiling*

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