Welcome to the blog!


Wow, you look amazing! Have you been working out or something? You are killin’ it right now with that soft glow of the screen on your face.

Anyways, thanks so much for reading. If you continue to follow along, here are some of the things you can expect to see…

A Mommy Blog: Chronicling the adventures of raising a small child.

Embarrassing Stories: The best stories are humiliating ones, so here I present my dumbest moments for your entertainment.

Recipes for Lazy Cooks: I’m a super lazy cook. I try to find the easiest and most doable meals possible and share the tastiest with you.

Project Updates: The main reason for this blog is to promote myself as a writer, so what better way to do that than to let you in on what I’m currently writing.

Small Business Shout Outs: At the end of each of my posts I try to feature a local business, consultant, creative pursuit… if you are interested in being featured please contact me. It’s a free service.

Every Thursday I will upload a new post

Formal Schedule
1st week: Mommy Post
2nd week: An embarrassing story
3rd week: Writing projects
4th week: A recipe for Lazy cooks
5th week: Bonus week! Could be inspirational, could be stupid. It’s a mystery.

If any of that sounds interesting to you be sure to FOLLOW by entering your email in the box that says to do so and I’ll be seeing you around every Thursday.

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