Kids Say the Darndest Things (February)

Jack is ADAMENT that he wants to be a mom when he grows up and not a dad. When we asked him why he told us:

JACK: I want to be a mom because dads only do two things; work and build stuff. But moms do lots and lots more things all day!

CASEY: *at night* Mom! Can you turn on the light? The sun is broken!

Jack went to the zoo with his kindergarten class. When I asked him which animal was his favorite he firmly told me “the tamingos”. I don’t know which is cuter. The fact that the flamingos were his favorite animal, or the fact that he calls them “tamingos”.

CASEY: I want to go to the zoo too! And I will ride the lions.

ME: No, you won’t.

*picking up Jack from school*

JACK: Everyone loved my hair today.

ME: Oh, did they say something?

JACK: No. But I know they loved it.

Casey has been absolutely obsessed with our inflatable lawn decoration we had at Christmas. A six foot “shivering snowman”. He’s still obsessed even after the snowman “returned to the North Pole until next Christmas” (lol). So, Casey started pretending HE was the snowman instead. He INSISTED that Dan put him out on the front yard, where he stood exactly like the inflatable and shivered for several minutes.

ME: C’mon, we gotta go get Jack from school.


Jack fell and got a cut on his arm. He was bawling as I was getting him a band-aid.

JACK: Oh, owie! Oh! *sob* It hurts so bad! *mid-sob* I love my haircut!

ME: Haha what??

*Casey surpresses a sneeze.*

ME: Bless you!

CASEY: No, I’m not blessied.

Jack is learning phonics at school. So he loves to practice naming words that start with different letters. One day he was playing that with me.

JACK: G! … like good. Or game. Or… “gots-slime”.

ME: Gots-slime? What’s that?

JACK: That’s when someone puts slime on the floor and you slip on it.

ME: (laughs) okay…

JACK: S! … Sun! Snake!… “Snitch-man”.

ME: (laughs) What?

JACK: F! Fun! Flower! Foggle-bottle!

ME: Foggle-bottle???

JACK: You know. When you throw your water bottle in the fog.

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