Embarrassing Story: Almost Getting Myself Abducted

Car Dummy

I have always been very day-dreamy and a little air-headed. One day in high school a boy that I sorta-kinda-maybe-liked said hi to me after school. I was OUT TO LUNCH. I completely checked out of my own brain. I started imagining our wedding and how many kids we were going to have and what we would name them.

My mom was coming to pick me up in her super generic-looking Honda. So when I walked out to the front of the school I got into the first white car I saw…

I buckled myself in. Keep in mind that I’m a high-schooler and way too old for this kind of mistake. I started to rummage through my backpack when suddenly… I noticed that my mom was listening to some weeeeird music. It was like Bulgarian opera of some kind? Which is not on my mother’s usual playlist. I slowly glanced over at the hand resting on the shifter, which just happened to be attached to the hairiest arm I’ve ever seen. I looked up in horror at the large Duck-Dynasty-lookin’-dude in the driver’s seat, who could no longer hold in his gut-busting laughter.

I fumblingly undid the seat-belt, grabbed my stuff, tripped on the way out and skidded my face on the grass. All the kids out front laughed and pointed at my lifeless body on the lawn. My mom watched in disappointment from the car directly behind my unintended Uber. I awkwardly picked myself up and got into the correct ride. As we drove away I saw my almost-abductor still cry-laughing about it all.

So there you go. Always double check the car you’re about to strap yourself into.


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One thought on “Embarrassing Story: Almost Getting Myself Abducted

  1. From Valerie’s mom: a correction to her description of me in the car behind the “abductor”: I didn’t watch in ‘disappointment’. I was too busy laughing really hard.

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