Who is ready for another book?!?!?!?!

I’ve mentioned this before, but I write in two drastically different genres. Either quirky and awkward rom coms or Twilight Zone-esque thrillers.

(Maybe you remember this meme I made about it)

So I’ve made the professional decision (“professional” decision) to pursue a career as a hybrid author. Which means I will try my hand at both self and traditional publishing. I’ve always been open minded to this and it just made sense with the kind of work I was producing. My romantic comedies will come out on Amazon. And my thrillers I plan to send to literary agents in hopes of a publishing contract sometime in my lifetime.

So!! With that being said!

**On the 1st of June** I’m releasing a novella on Amazon. Available in both ebook or paperback. It’s a YA romantic comedy about a boy who gets a terrible summer job at a run down diner.

Next week I’ll be revealing more about the book as well as MY AMAZING COVER!!! So stay tuned!!