Identity Crisis: The TV Show

Identity Crisis (1)

Mild-mannered Elle finds herself suddenly friendless after a messy break-up. She falls in with a group of adventurous burnouts despite her passive and conservative nature. The series chronicles her friendships, mistakes, and tumultuous love life.

Season One Cover Art

Season One: Elle starts a new job to get over her recent heartbreak but ends up falling for the notorious Ronnie Johnson instead.

Season 2 Cover Art

Season Two: Succumbing to her new alternative lifestyle, Elle gets herself into embarrassing situations.

Season 3 cover art

Season Three: Caught in the whirlwind of a secret affair, Elle is forced to choose between morals.


Season Four: Changes and accusations cause Elle to question whether she is inherently “good” or “evil”.


Season Five: Elle struggles with a long-distance relationship.

Identity Crisis

Season Six: After returning home, Elle is overwhelmed with romantic decisions. 


Must for the dust: Because the show closely follows real people and situations I ultimately felt that it would be impossible to publish without hundreds of signed release forms. Even though I had altered names and events in the writing, many storylines are sensitive and would be inappropriate to produce publicly. Instead, I took a sprinkling of basic plot elements and heavily fictionalized the work into a novel, which I am currently querying.


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