Elle is a dripping mess of insecurities. She is hopelessly smitten with Brandon, who explicitly warns her not to associate with Ronnie Gonzales, the local school drug dealer. She agrees to keep her distance — until she finds Brandon kissing her cousin behind her back at the homecoming dance.

Despite Brandon being a slimy little creep, everyone at school takes his side over hers. Everyone except for the exact person she was told to stay away from. Now, Ronnie and Elle team up to get revenge on Brandon and convince the school that he is not the perfect angel he pretends to be. Collaborating with a troublemaker, however, proves to be impossible without making any actual trouble. And to further complicate matters, she finds herself rebounding for Ronnie instead. Will she be able to abandon her mild-mannered ways to bring justice to light? Or will she stay true to herself at the risk of losing her only friend at school?


Status: Seeking Representation



What kind of book is this? Young Adult Contemporary. Coming of Age.

How long is it? 61,000 words. (Which is like 240 pages on a Microsoft Word document.)

Where did you come up with this idea? This was originally written as a six-season television show, based off my experiences in high school.

Will this be a series like the TV show? No. Identity Crisis is being pitched as a stand-alone novel.

Weren’t you going to title this something else? Yes, I was originally going to call the book “The Other Five Percent”. I reverted the name back to its predecessor “Identity Crisis” on the suggestion of my editor.

Have you considered self-publishing? I have and that may be an avenue for this book. But ultimately, I am interested in becoming traditionally published, whether it be this work or something different.


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